An overview of Access & Use

Access & Use shows what it needs to make dynamic elements in websites accessible and usable for all.

Modal dialogs

A modal dialog pops up on top of a page after some user action. It waits for user input.

Non-modal dialogs

When a non-modal dialog opens, the page below can still be accessed, but is now partly covered.

Drop-down navigation menus

Only the top level of a menu is visible in a drop-down navigation menu. Activating a top-level menu item opens a sub-menu.

Tabbed interfaces

Tabbed interfaces can stack up information, like in a stack of index cards. Selecting a tab shows the corresponding card (the tab panel).


Carousels consist of sections that 'slide into view' after a short duration. The are often used on start pages to showcase key content.

Disclosure widgets

Disclosure widgets can reveal – or disclose – hidden content under a heading.

Content on hover & focus

Some content is transient: It pops up when elements are hovered over or receive focus.

Forms & error handling

Forms allow users to put in data. When errors occur, feedback should be perceivable and meaningful.