About the Access & Use site

Access & Use is a small web site that shows what it needs to make dynamic elements in websites accessible and usable for all. It is one part of the results of the COMPARE project, which was funded by the EU via the Erasmus+ programme. (The other part is the COMPARE repository of web content cases.)

In Access & Use, we have selected eight common dynamic web components (they are listed in the menu), and we may add more. Each component is explained. There are accessibility tips for each component. There are also videos of users (with or without disabilities) interacting with the components.

Each component links to web content cases in the the COMPARE repository of web content cases. At the end of each component, you find links to good accessible implemetnations of these components and to articles that discuss them. (They may also discuss if you should use these components at all if you want to create accessible web sites.)