Accessibility Statement

Last version of this statement: 19. September 2018

Accessibility of this site

While we haven't yet conducted a formal test, we believe this site (  meets the requirements of EU Directive 2016/2102 and conforms to the success criteria of WCAG 2.1 on Level AA.

We do not just aim for conformance. We try to write in a clear and simple way. Some content, especially in the sections Accessibility tips for [compoment], is quite technical. It is not easy to understand for people unfamiliar with accessible web design.

Extant issues

The error handling of the comments form at the bottom of the blog entries is not good. There are no specific and helpful error messages right now. You only get the default browser-generated HTML5 messages like "Please fill out this field". These messages appear in the language set in your browser, not in language you may have selected via the language menu of this site.

The way the form handles errors is difficult for us to fix: The form comes straight out of CONTAO's core. CONTAO is the Content Management System we have been using for this site.

Please get in touch to report problems

Please please contact us if you find:

  • content that is difficult to access
  • content that violates accessibility best practices and/or WCAG 2.1 conformance
  • content that is unclear and should be expressed or phrased differently

Please make suggestions for best practices

We are also glad to receive input on what we propose as best practices in our acccessibility tips. Accessibility people do not always agree on the best way to make content accessible. Our accessibility tips are not meant to prescribe one correct way of doing things. They just reflect what we understand to be the current consensus.

Technical developments constantly change accessibility. Best practices get out of date as better practices become available. Better practices are often based on new developments in HTML, CSS, Javascript and techniques around that. We may not be aware of all that is happening, and there may be better ways of doing things - please contact us and let us know.