The components

The Access & Use components listed in the menu show typical dynamic web content.

Each component is presented in the same format:

  1. A short introduction (what is it)
  2. A short video (mostly screencasts)  showing a typical implementation of the component in action
  3. Additional stuff on the component, differentiating it from similar components (optional)
  4. Accessibility tips for the component
  5. Typical usability problems when using the component
  6. Videos on usability, documenting the use of real component implementations in particular modes of use (keyboard-only, screen reader running, low vision/magnification); for example, for modal dialogs, we have Low vision use: Finding the modal dialog. Some components only have one or a couple of videos, others more.
  7. COMPARE cases - this links to the COMPARE repository and related real-world web content cases that have been documented, accessibility-rated and commented there.
  8. Resources for the component, pointing to best practice implementations, articles, or other stuff relevant for developers and/or evaluators

Coverage so far

The following components are covered:

Components that might be added

The choice of components so far is far from comprehensive - there are others that would deserve an entry. Here are some pointers for components / content types not (yet) covered in Access & Use.

Breadcrumb paths


Complex infographics

Additional information

General information on including touch